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Video surveilance or CCTV is more and more prevelant in todays society. Whether you are a home owner, a small business owner or a corporation - security of your property is a major concern these days. Modern systems offer clear color pictures and operate on traditional coax, ethernet and/or wireless, giving you the ability to locate cameras just about anywhere you want or need.

Traditional camera systems utilize a single cable from the DVR to the camera that carries video and power. IP based systems use ethernet cabling (CAT5E or CAT6) to carry power (POE) and video, wireless cameras use local WIFI to transmit video signal while utilizing a local power source (battery, solar, or ac adapter).

IP and wireless network cameras also have the benefit of being able to be connected back to a cloud based NVR. Contact us today to learn more about how we can put your camera system in the cloud!


Analog Systems:


  • Utilize RG-59 and a power pair
  • Video quality is measured in TVL
  • Capable of video quality up to 1080p
  • Each camera must be wired back to the DVR
  • Camera count is limited to DVR port count
  • Usually a proprietary system


IP Based Systems:


  • Utilize existing ethernet standards
  • Video quality of 1080p or higher
  • Cameras can be located anywhere on the network
  • Camera count is limited to software license
  • Can be a proprietary system or open source
  • NVR can be located in the cloud